Concours de Traduction 2009



Le classement des trois premières traductions du concours est :

  1. Romain Paulino
  2. David Giraudeau
  3. Pierre Hulin

Merci aux 10 auteurs pour leur participation à ce premier concours de traduction !

Chers amis et fans de Tolkiendil,

Notre association est heureuse de vous inviter à son nouveau concours de Traduction!
Pour sa première édition, deux textes en prose vous sont proposés. Il s'agit d'une part d'un extrait du brouillon de “Three's Company and Four's more”. Et d'autre part d'un extrait de la Seconde partie des Notion Club Papers.

Avant le 30 juin 2009, chaque concurrent devra avoir envoyé ses deux traductions au jury, à l'adresse asso -at- avec ses nom, prénom, date de naissance, adresse e-mail et coordonnées postales complètes (indiquez clairement le sujet du mail ”[Tolkiendil] Concours de traduction”). Les adhérents de notre association désigneront eux-mêmes, par un vote, la meilleure traduction. À l'issue de la sélection l'heureux vainqueur se verra remettre en récompense un volume de Monsieur Merveille de J.R.R. Tolkien, publié tout récemment.

Nous tenons à ajouter que ce concours n'est en aucun cas strictement réservé aux seuls Tolkiendili.
Il demeure ouvert à tous, et ce quels que soient votre origine ou le moment de votre arrivée! Aussi, n'hésitez pas à venir nombreux!

Anar kaluva tielyanna.
Bon jeu et bonne chance à tous!

Extraits à traduire

Brouillon de "Three's Company and Four's more" (RS p. 47-48) :

Frodo said: 'I can hear a horse coming along the road behind!'

They looked back, but the windings of the road hid the traveller.

'I think we had better get out of sight,' said Bingo; 'or you fellows at any rate. Of course it doesn't matter very much, but I would rather not be met by anyone we know.'

Odo and Frodo ran quickly to the left down into a little hollow beside the road, and lay flat. Bingo slipped on his ring and sat down a few yards from the track. The sound of hoofs drew nearer. Round a turn came a white horse, and on it sat a bundle — or that is what it looked like: a small man wrapped entirely in a great cloak and hood so that only his eyes peered out, and his boots in the stirrups below.

The horse stopped when it came level with Bingo. The figure uncovered its nose and sniffed; and then sat silent as if listening. Suddenly a laugh came from inside the hood.

'Bingo my boy!' said Gandalf, throwing aside his wrappings.

'You and your lads are somewhere about. Come along now and show up, I want a word with you!' He turned his horse and rode straight to the hollow where Odo and Frodo lay. 'Hullo! hullo!' he said. 'Tired already? Aren't you going any further today?'

At that moment Bingo reappeared again. 'Well I'm blest,' said he. 'What are you doing along this way, Gandalf ? I thought you had gone back with the elves and dwarves. And how did you know where we were?'

 Gandalf (© John Howe)

Seconde partie des Notion Club Papers (SD p. 250-251) :

There was a silence that seemed long and heavy. It was then nearly ten o'clock, and the pale sky of summer twilight was pricked by a few faint stars; but the blackness crawled slowly onwards from the West. Great wings of shadow stretched out ominously over the town. The curtains stirred as with a presage of wind, and then hung still. There was a long mutter of thunder ending in a crack. Lowdham was standing erect in the middle of the floor, looking out of the window with staring eyes. Suddenly:

‘Narîka ‘nBâri ‘nAdûn yanâkhim,’ he shouted, lifting up both his arms. ‘The Eagles of the Lords of the West are at hand!’

Then all at once Jeremy began to speak. ‘Now I see!’ he said. ‘I see it all. The ships have set sail at last. Woe to the time! Behold, the mountain smokes and the earth trembles!’

He paused, and we sat staring, oppressed as by the oncoming of doom. The voices of the storm drew nearer. Then Jeremy began again.

‘Woe to this time and the fell counsels of Zigûr! The King hath set forth his might against the Lords of the West. The fleets of the Númenoreans are like a land of many islands; their masts are like the stems of a forest; their sails are golden and black. Night is coming. They have gone against Avallóni with naked swords. All the world waiteth. Why do the Lords of the West make no sign?’

 Les Aigles de Manwë (© Ted Nasmith)

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