Sindarin Resources

This is a listing of helpful resources. If there is a resource not mentioned that you think I should list please contact me.

Websites Summary
The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship A great resource with several linguistic journals that you can subscribe to for a great price. Vinyar Tengwar is especially valuable.
Tengwestië The online journal of the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship.
Ardalambion Essays on Sindarin, Quenya, and more by Helge K. Fauskanger.
Sindanórië Some good essays by Roman Rausch
Parma Tyelpelassiva Fine essays by Thorsten Renk
Gwaith-i-Phethdain A nice source for information on Sindarin. Has an interesting summary of Sindarin grammer as well as sound clips of Elvish from the movies.
Sindarin Dictionary Home of the best free downloadable Sindarin dictionary. Compiled and annotated by Didier Willis.
Hiswelókë Site of Didier Willis. Good stuff if you know French.
Lambeñgolmor The best mailing list dedicated to the technical study of Tolkien's languages. Sponsored by the E.L.F.
Elfling Mailing list regarding Tolkien's languages
Mellonath Daeron A good resource with some useful articles and resources regarding Sindarin and Tengwar
Pronunciation Guide A semi accurate guide to Quenya pronunciation with sound clips.
YaTT Yet Another Tengwar Tool. A great little program for transcribing your Sindarin or Quenya phrases into Tengwar.
I-Mbar Maethor A website of a friend, Maethor. Mostly Sindarin.
Ardhon-Ellammath Website of Florian “Lothenon” Dombach (formerly ‘Mellyn-in-Edhil’). Mostly in German but has sections in English. Has some interesting sound files of the Sindarin corpus.
Council of Elrond Site where I had previously attempted a course in Sindarin. While I no longer have direct control over the material (and hence some may be aging or not represent my current thoughts) it may very well prove useful! COE is a great site - well worth your time - even if you don't look at the languages!
The Tolkien Society Great resource on Tolkien himself, his works, and contains many other resources. Very much recommended.

Resources to Avoid

While none of the resources below can be recommended, their noxiousness may vary. The number of White Hands indicates the amount of inaccuracy and downright invention they contain.

Ratings Websites Summary
Three Hands (CC-BY-SA Rondador) Ambar EldaronA collection of poorly-written and often inaccurate translations of existing Elvish lessons, jumbled with unusable dictionaries devoid of references and containing a number of invented or “rectified” words.
Four Hands (CC-BY-SA Rondador) Arwen-UndomielIn the author's own words: “In some cases I have added meaningless letters to ‘Elvish-ize’ the names, the most common being dh and th (Cuguwen ‘Dove Maiden’ doesn’t sound quite Elvish, but Cugedhiel does).”
Five Hands (CC-BY-SA Rondador) Dragon’s InnRPG-style Elvish, with Quenya and Sindarin mixed together, and a lot of invented words not marked at such.
Three Hands (CC-BY-SA Rondador) Elf FetishAutomated name translation program built with a poor understanding of the Elvish grammar, unable to combine Sindarin elements in a correct way.
One Hand (CC-BY-SA Rondador) A Gateway to Sindarin, by David SaloThough it is the most complete Sindarin dictionary in print, it is useless as a Sindarin reference book, as it rarely provides any reference and mixes inventions and reconstructions with attested Sindarin words.
Five Hands (CC-BY-SA Rondador) The Grey CompanyPerhaps the largest website devoted to RPG Elvish. This site is not related to, or even a part of Tolkiens linguistic scenario.
Two Hands (CC-BY-SA Rondador) The Languages of Middle-Earth, by Ruth S. NoelThis is the only book still in print that discusses Tolkien's languages. Unfortunately, it is more than 30 years out of date
Five Hands (CC-BY-SA Rondador) My Precious — Name GeneratorRandom Elvish mumbo-jumbo.
Four Hands (CC-BY-SA Rondador) Nieninqui — White TearsA lot of confusion between Sindarin and Noldorin, without warning or application of the required phonological adaptations.
Four Hands (CC-BY-SA Rondador) Onutza’s WebsiteMany invented forms (including Grelvish) not identified as such, mix of Quenya and Common Eldarin, mix of Noldorin and Sindarin, etc.
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