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Site Objectives

Here are the top five objectives:

  1. The technical study of the Sindarin language, from diachronic, synchronic, internal and external viewpoints. This includes the writing and discussing of articles and the works of others.
  2. Build up a compilation of articles covering any and all aspects of Sindarin. This may be syntax, morphology, pragmatics, you name it.
  3. Provide a place for technical analysis of Sindarin.
  4. Provide a discussion forum in hope of starting new ideas and interactions with others.
  5. Promote friendship and cooperation between linguists with common ideals and objectives from around the world and promote cooperation therewith.

Article Submission Guidelines

When submitting an article to The Noble Tongue please make sure your paper complies with the following guidelines:

  1. Paper must include a title with all applicable authors listed either at the beginning or the end of the paper.
  2. Must cite all sources used - whether they be books, web site, authors etc.
  3. Article can be any length and upon any subject so long as it concerns Sindarin. If you use lots of examples from Quenya, so be it; just make sure that the overall point is directed at the study of Sindarin.
  4. When you have done the above, please e-mail me your file in either PDF or RTF (rich text format). I will not post articles written in Microsoft Word or other word processing formats. You may also submit text files that I can then modify into HTML pages if you so desire.
  5. Please contact me I'll respond as quickly as possible!

About the Author

Me Rainbow


Tolkien's Rune

English, French, Irish, Scottish, tad bit of Native American. Most of that is English, with French coming in as a significant second through Canadian connections.


I am currently living on Bozeman, Montana and study all things beautiful when I can. Languages are beautiful; they ebb and flow and have such spectacular life!


Aside from studying Tolkien's languages, I love the outdoors - running in particular. It's a great way to get out and enjoy the beauty of the world while staying in shape too! I am also rather fond of fencing. It's a great sport with (often) rather interesting people.

The study of metal work is also of immense interest to me. The ability to mold metal into the intricate armour that we have in historical archives astoundes me. I have tried my hand at various aspects of armour making, but alas, I am far from away from having the requisite skill to produce anything so fine.

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