Gondolinic Runes

Two Rings
Ronald Kyrmse — June 2002
Reading NotesReading Notes: Being presentations or compilations, these articles are accessible to all readers. No knowledge regarding J.R.R. Tolkien is needed.
Editor’s note: This article is based on Paul Nolan Hyde’s analysis published in “The ‘Gondolinic Runes’: Another Picture”, Mythlore 69, pp. 20–25. However, this presentation was incorrect on several counts. Carl Hostetter proposed a detailed corrigendum in a letter published in Mythlore 70, pp. 23–24. We invite interested readers to consult it.

These runes are known to us only from a slip of paper written by J.R.R. Tolkien, a photocopy of which Christopher Tolkien sent to Paul Nolan Hyde in February 1992, and which was published, together with an extensive analysis, in the Summer 1992 issue of Mythlore. Lisa Star published a table of these runes on her website Tyalie Tyelelliéva.

The table below shows the Gondolinic Runes in a systematic way from a phonetic standpoint. Each character is shown with its number, given by Hyde. The phonetic values are conjectural in a few cases, especially #27, 31 and 54. The letterforms are based on Dan Smith’s Cirth Erebor font (available here), to which I made the necessary changes.

Phonetic Notation:

ʃ sh in ash
ʒ g in rouge
j y in yes
w w in wet
ƕ wh in which (≠ witch)
θ th in thin
ð th in then
χ ch in German Bach
ŋ ng in sing
lh, mh, ŋh, rh voiceless versions of l, m, ŋ, r
y ü in German über
œ ö in German hören
æ a in ash
a:, æ:, e:, i:,
o:, œ:, u:, y:
Long vowels marked by :

Gondolinic Runes Table


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